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About Caylin

My Philosophy

The Kintsugi Practice

Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with a sealant mixed with powdered gold. A tender hand took what was once worthless, mended it with hope, and something more valuable than before was created. 

Living in a broken world as a broken person, I see Kintsugi as a reminder that we all have the capacity and desire to put the shattered pieces of our story back together. And as we do, we are reminded how valuable our whole story, and whole selves are. 

My Story


I’m so glad you are here! I am Caylin, a wife, a mother of 2 kiddos, and someone who wholeheartedly believes that there is a fuller, richer life on the other side of healing. That healing can start the moment you partner with someone and invite them in. An extraordinary person walked into my life years ago and offered to walk with me through healing in my past, offering peace in the present, and hope in my future. That was a gift that changed my life forever, and I am eager to pass that gift on to anyone in need. 

“Healing,” in the context I use, is the process of acknowledging the parts of us that we wrestle with the most, sharing it with someone we trust, and often times making intentional changes to hold those hard parts well. I believe it is found in healthy relationships with the inner parts of ourselves and the people around us. 

I am an advocate for what I call “whole person mental health order.” I believe each of us have been created intentionally, uniquely and with order and purpose. I find that we are all made of a mind, a body, and a spirit and understanding the whole person made with each of these qualities is essential. As we journey through life, we all inevitably face painful experiences and walk away with wounds and brokenness. It is my desire to walk with others as they make new discoveries about themselves through piecing the brokenness back together, and through that process becoming even more valuable. 

My doors are open for you at The Place Within in Roseville, CA. To learn more about The Place Within, visit their website at

I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#139204) and Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (#13742) supervised by Gary Henderson (LMFT #7053) and Alexis Marson (LMFT #80115).

For more on my professional background, feel free to connect with me with any questions.

My Practice

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